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I don’t think you miss me. So I won’t tell you I miss you. —But I do.. (via fruitgod)


a man couldn’t get a woman to touch his dick, so he shot people, like, that’s an actual thing that has occurred in the year 2014. we can put people on the moon, but we can’t teach boys that they aren’t entitled to a woman’s body. 

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me: one direction’s merch is for little kids wtf they have older fans too

me: this “i <3 1d” bracelet is me as fuck


I can’t stand these fucking people with these fucking family window stickers on their cars a murderer is gonna come into your fucking house and you’re gonna try to hide your kids in the fucking closet and he’s gonna be like naw bitch I saw your fucking mini van I know you have six more kids where are they

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I wish boobs did the bra thing without having to wear the bra

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If you know the words, you sing. And if you don’t know the words, you make them up. Deal? —Ed Sheeran before any concert. (via edsheeran)
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My best friend sent me this tutorial of her doing her eyebrows and I thought you all would find it useful xoxo

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[lawyer voice] the prosecution makes a compelling argument, but have you considered this *puts middle finger up*

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One Direction: Well Monday’s looking busy…

One Direction: Well Monday’s looking busy…